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Does your company need to change from TM traditional analog or ISDN line to TM Multiline SIP?

Does your company need to change from TM traditional analog or ISDN line to TM Multiline SIP?

– As your business grows, you’ll need a communication system that can scale with you.

Cloud SIP trunking allows you to add or remove lines easily, accommodating fluctuations in call volume without the need for additional hardware.

– Scale your TM Multiline SIP for E-commerce, Food Delivery, Logistic delivery, Smart manufacturing, Oil & Gas and in-house accounting, CRM, Ticketing software.

Experience Unwavering Call Quality For Great Value

Invest in a Multi-Line SIP Trunk to replace the traditional voice line. Now enjoy guaranteed call quality with a dedicated voice channel exclusively for your business.

Superior Value

Save up with the integration of a flat rate concept and eliminate costly hardware maintenance.

Intuitive Flexibility

Adjust the number of concurrent calls to fall in line with your employees’ needs.

Greater Efficiency

Use of digital network technology ensures great call quality all on its own!

Flexible Scale-Up

The number of lines can easily increase or decrease to suit your business stage.

Maintain Your Existing Number

This includes the pilot number and all DIDs numbers that come along with it.

Total Traceability

Each dedicated channel can be managed and monitored in and of itself.

What is Multi-Line SIP ?

Multi- Line SIP is a single trunk which can handle a desired number of dedicated voice calls, whether to cater for a selected number of employees or for every employee in the organisation, depending on the structure of business.

It uses state-of-the art technology and a dedicated channel, ensuring superior voice quality is obtained cost effectively.

Enjoy the power of supreme voice connection at your fingertips.

Multi-Line SIP service is the latest technology that enhanced from the existing Primary Rate Interfaces (PRI)

Multi-Line SIP service solution will support TM’s CSEG which are SME, Enterprise, Government in HSBB area (Depends on Port availability in HSBB area)

Multi-Line SIP service is the permenant solution to replace PRI via IMS

The service will be rolled out in phases based on customer’s scenarios enabled via BTU & BG connected to IPPBX

Multi_Line SIP service is a single VLAN 400 access for multiple concurrent voice calls over IP

Multi-Line SIP service will provide all the features in existing PRI except for Video Conferencing and as back up for Data Services