Cloud Contact Center

Benefits of Cloud Contact Centers vs. Traditional on-Premise Contact Centers

There’s no avoiding the reality: on-premises call centers are quickly becoming outdated. There’s a reason IDC predicts that business cloud solutions will continue to outpace (54%) on-site technology investments (46%) in the coming years. Analysts forecast that cloud-based infrastructure will continue to unseat on-prem solutions.

On-prem contact centers require employees to be physically present, demand constant maintenance, and require expensive (and quickly obsolete) hardware. On-site call centers revolve around phone conversations, which don’t address the modern customer experience. For these reasons and more, cloud-based contact center solutions are the right approach for high-growth companies.

Cloud contact centers are entirely different. They offer accelerated setup, improved flexibility, and real-time analytics. In the end, this means lower operating costs, gains in customer experience, and faster time to market.

Best Cloud Contact Center Solution

We provide customer support center via Cloud, design for Online Business, E-Commerce and Home Base business.

Our cloud contact center software helps you connect with your customers on their terms and across all channels, including inbound/outbound voice, voicemail, email, chat, social media, SMS, IVR, voice portal, self-service and more. 

Our industry-leading tools help contact centers manage customer relationships from beginning to end, optimize agent schedules, analyze detailed reports to improve call center efficiency, survey customers, integrate with leading CRMs like Salesforce, and improve their overall customer satisfaction.

Cloud Contact Center Features

Inbound Voice

It’s still ‘Good to Talk’. Create flexible Inbound Voice and IVR campaigns in minutes, all managed from our easy to use web interface.

Outbound Dialer

Our fully automated outbound Dialler improves contact rates, increases agent productivity and reduces customer wait times. 


Integrated with your CRM, use email campaign templates to improve your agent productivity and save customer wait time while reducing errors.

Web Chat

Use our fully integrated chat widget on your website to deliver improved customer service through the world’s fastest-growing 

Call Recording

Optionally record, encrypt and store all calls as required. Access via a secure URL which can be written to your customer’s record in your CRM record.

Business Intelligence

Use advanced reporting, real-time dashboards and drill-down business analytics tools to provide the insights to make better decisions faster. 

Self Service Administration

Securely delivered from the cloud, you can take back control of your Contact Centre – make system changes in minutes with real-time. dashboards to give insights to optimize results.


Seamlessly integrate your contact centre with all your mission critical applications to create a single source of truth about the customer and drive business efficiency.

Conversion Analytics

Move from interactions to relationships – analyze every conversation in your business to understand what your customers and staff are actually saying, meaning and feeling.

The Architecture

As low As RM350 per month per agents with all inclusive