What is Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX?

PBX, or public branch exchange, is the name used to refer to the technology that any given telephone provider uses to route calls.


A Cloud PBX/ Hosted PBX system is a based on cloud computing technology, where voice/ data is stored and transferred over the Internet, rather than on a computer or piece of hardware that an end-user owns.

What are the benefits of using CloudPBX4U?

  • Highly reduced call rates to all major destinations

  • Savings of 40% to 80% over traditional phone systems

  • Auto attendant ring groups, open/close mode, customised greetings

  • Elimination of premise based PBX equipment, ending maintenance cost

  • The cheapest, most powerful feature set in the Cloud PBX industry

  • Flexibility in system configuration

  • Employees can work from anywhere

  • Full enablement of virtual offices, saving on rent, utilities and other expenses

  • Take all of your phone system’s features with you for use at home, at the office, or on the road.

Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

Yes, you can, we can help you to port-in your existing number to our system. And your customers, family members, friends still reach you via OLD phone number in NEW SYSTEM

Can I use PC-based Softphone or my mobile phone with CloudPBX4U?

Yes, we support all standard soft phones, being Desktop, Android, IPhone (IOS), Windows Mobile, Blackberry and etc., just go to respective Apps Market and download. if you need help to evaluate, our sales team can assist to recommend what phone types or software are the best fit for your requirements.

What do I need, in order to use CloudPBX4U?

All you need is a broadband Internet connection, choose the package you want and the IP phone. We will courier to you the phones fully configured with the package you have chosen. Once you have received it, Just unpack and connect to internet and you are ready to go.

Why some countries' offered call rate is higher compare to others?

We provide premium rate for call charges and CLI display for outgoing call. We want our customers to have the same experience as in PSTN quality even they use our VoIP service.


I have existing IP Phones, can I use them with CloudPBX4U's package?

Yes, you can use back all your existing IP-Phones with CloudPBX4U. If you are tech-savvy, we can provide you the configuration information. Otherwise, you can contact us for the assistance.perience as in PSTN quality even they use our VoIP service.

What happen if my broadband stops working? Can I still receive calls?

If your broadband stops working or if there is a power outage without sufficient battery backup available, your IP phone will not function.


You will still receive all your calls, CloudPBX4U will be able to detect if your phones are online and if not the system will forward all calls to a single or even a group of mobile phones, so no matter what, your clients can always reach you.

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