The Jabra GN2000 Series can be used with desk phones, mobile and softphones. The UC bundle, which includes an IP headset and a Jabra LINK 280 adapter, enables users to answer their softphones and take mobile phone calls with the same headset. Whichever phone they use, your employees will have the full range of call control features, allowing them to answer and end calls, adjust the volume and mute the microphone, all from the headset.

The Jabra GN2000 Duo Noise Canceling IP headset is designed for use with IP telephony systems in the noisiest of call centers.
It has a sturdy design built for the rigors of daily call center use, and its noise canceling feature ensures that callers experience an understandable, professional call even in the loudest of office environments.

Designed for busy call centers and loud open office environments
Employees enjoy good sound performance and less distractions with duo speakers
Customers experience clear, professional IP calls with noise-canceling

Jabra GN2000 NC Duo