Be a step ahead and take the opportunity to customize your VoIP solution with Alcatel Temporis IP700G.
This innovative SIP phone is fitted with an embedded DECT base allowing to cover a wide range of business needs by pairing a wireless DECT handset (Alcatel IP15) and/or a DECT headset (Alcatel IP70H).

Two bundles have been created to offer cost-efficient solutions:
- Alcatel Temporis IP715G: composed of Temporis IP700G and Alcatel IP15 DECT handset
- Alcatel Temporis IP770G: composed of TEmporis IP700G and Alcatel IP70H DECT headset .

Leverage also HD sound and power of Temporis IP700G gigabit Ethernet ports and benefit from the best of the network.
You'll also appreciate its large HD display allowing an outstanding legibility, the 5 SIP accounts, the 2x16 dual color multifunction keys enabling an optimized management of BLF and an easy access to pre-set features.

Alcatel Temporis IP700G



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