On-HOLD Messages

Professional on-hold messages with music and voice greetings

On Hold messages are the promotional messages you hear on the phone when your call is placed on hold or transferred to another line. These messages are scripted by creative copywriters, voiced by professional voiceover artists, mixed with background music and replayed 'down the line' to waiting customers.


If your waiting callers currently listen to the radio, chimes, plain music or worst of all – nothing at all – you need a on hold Messages. Our on hold messages not only delight and impress callers, they also help you meet your sales, marketing and customer service goals.

Try out the On Hold Messages samples here
Male - Car Dealer
Female Voice Talent
Female - Retail 1
Female - Retail 2
Female - Bank 1
Female - Bank 2
Female - Healthcare 1
Female - Healthcare 2
Female - Hotel 1
Female - Hotel 2
Female - Insurance 1
Female - Insurance 2

Interactive Voice Responses

Everything Audio For IVR, VoIP & Auto-Attendant

Do you need professional recordings for your IVR system or VoIP phone system? Are you struggling to find someone who can do it all – scripting, voicing and mixing your audio recordings – then deliver the end product in a timely fashion?


  1. We can provide you with the following messages:

  2. Welcome Messages

  3. Phone Greetings

  4. Voice Mail Greetings

  5. After Hours Messages

  6. Night Messages

  7. Out of Office Messages

  8. Answer Machine Messages

  9. New Year, Raya, Deepavali, Xmas & Holiday Messages

  10. Menu Prompts

  11. On Hold Promotional Messages

  12. Wait & Queue Messages

  13. Emergency Announcements


It takes an expert to bring your brand to life over the telephone. With over 25 years experience we can show you how to leverage your IVR, VoIP or even Auto-Attendant system to:


  • Drive incremental sales

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Reinforce your branding

  • Promote your latest sales

  • Drive awareness

  • Prevent caller hang-ups


Small and large businesses alike. It doesn’t matter whether you require audio recordings for a sophisticated IVR system or a simple two-level auto-attendant phone system. We work in unison with small business owners and phone technicians, right through to call centre managers, IT managers, customer experience specialists and marketing managers. Allow us to help you deliver outstanding caller interactions that resonate with customers on an emotional level.

Try out the IVR/ Auto Attendant samples here
Male - IVR Print
Male - IVR Hotel
Female - IVR Loan


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