Cloud Outbound Campaign

Automated outbound pre-recorded voice messaging service that makes communication with your customers, just upload contact list and our AI will do the work for you.

Cloud Outbound Campaign is an automated outbound voice messaging service that makes communication with your customers, partners and employees faster, easier and a lot more efficient. Your business is able to blast prerecorded voice messages to hundreds or thousands of numbers on your contact list concurrently with just a click.
Just buy the prepaid credit and you will have a portal to do all the loading of contacts and recorded message. No obligation on monthly subscription

Benefits of CloudCall Software

- Marketing Campaign

- Rental collections

- Make reminder calls

- Send alert or notifications

- Send a reminder for an appointment

- Launch telemarketing campaign

- Communicate with an entire contact list

- Broadcast company information, new products, services or sales

- Create surveys and polls


Cloud Outbound Prepaid 50


Malaysia Mobile  :    RM 0.15 per minute

Malaysia Fixed     :    RM 0.15 per minute

Credit expired      :    180 days


Cloud Outbound Prepaid 200


Malaysia Mobile  :    RM 0.14 per minute

Malaysia Fixed     :    RM 0.14 per minute

Credit expired      :    180 days

Cloud Outbound Prepaid 500


Malaysia Mobile  :    RM 0.12 per minute

Malaysia Fixed     :    RM 0.12 per minute

Credit expired      :    180 days

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